Sustainable development has become a national and international issue. Almost all countries in the world have realized the importance of sustainable development for the sustainability of the welfare and future life. The principles of sustainable development of each country is essentially the equivalent of achieving quality of life for all citizens. However, each country has a different culture, the environment, the conditions, infrastructure, politics, economics which makes the process of implementation of development feels different.

Attention of sustainable development is related to the economy and ecology. The existence of science and technology capable of harmonizing economic and environmental impact on sustainable society. The concept of sustainable development is a complex system that requires multidisiplinari from various fields of science and technology. There are at least three elements of sustainable development that is related to the environment, economy and energy. The three elements of a relationship in a mutually symbiotic venn diagram.

  1. Economic sustainability in sustainable development are provided a variety of industries that can make the system sustainable production processes. Science and technology may provide a key to the sustainability of the economy in the future. Mastery of technology and resources local knowledge of agricultural resources, maritime, mineral can be utilized in a sustainable manner.
  2. Environmental sustainability in sustainable development is environmental management as part of the provider of the necessities of life to the preservation of biodiversity can be maintained. Environment that is supported by the availability of infrastructure by sticking to the value of environmentally friendly and provide benefits to the environment.
  3. Sustainability of energy in sustainable development is the availability of sustainable energy, use wisely. The utilization of new and renewable energy sources with low carbon principles so as to create a comfortable environment as well as reducing environmental damage. Management of clean energy and renewable energy is the key to future energy sustainability.

Thus it is our obligation as human beings who wisely have concern for environmental and social sustainability. As in the philosophy of Java that "Urip Iku Urup" (Life should benefit other people around us, the greater the benefits that we could give would be better) and "Hamemayu Hayuning Bawono, Ambrasto dur Hangkoro" (Man lives in the world should be seek safety, happiness and well-being; and combat nature of anger and greed).

Hopefully with this international seminar is getting stronger that academics have an important role in sustainable development and has a value of usefulness in the future.

Quotation :

“Energy, Environment, Economic (3E) for Sustainable Development”